high design Wishes Future ??

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high design Wishes Future ??

Post by Beagle »

Hoi people oat HigDesign
Is their still some live....

What I means.( I try to explain in English- dutch being my mother png.)

Being sick of waiting for the so long promised upgrade I have migrated or at least I try to migrate to TurboCad-Pro 4 Mac. kost me a 400 $
This program has a very difficult learning process and is miles behind the ease and use of HD.
beleeve me !!
In Hd you can practically do every thing I need with the mouse.
OK I'm not an Architec but mechanical man involved with small design and very small peaces.
Si I know may way of drawing is otherwise and I need other approach than a building constructor.

each time I had to draw a part for the milling machine or for the lathe. I always start with TCP-7
but after e few seconds I gave up. The use and easiness of drawing in HD is much much better.

Wat I really need is an drawing program with the ease of HD but with the capacity to draw also in 3D.
60-70 % of my drawings are in 2D. but for the milling machine in cNc I need drawings in 3D and converted in G-code

my polite request to the developers, when come this long long long announced upgraded?
Do people of HD think to move to 3D
Or had I to be abandon completely HD and invest more in the future at TCP-7/mac?
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Re: high design Wishes Future ??

Post by Andrew »

Hi Beagle, the new HighDesign is in its final beta stage. We are currently testing Release Candidate 2.

Thank you for your requests, it is always helpful to us to receive such feedback because it allows us to stay in touch with the real needs of users. Adding 3D modeling and visualisation tools in the future is perfectly possible if that is what most users request. Our goal has always been to offer the best CAD software in terms of tools designed to address real needs, while keeping the software as easy to use as possible.

May I contact you privately about the kind of 3D you would need?

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