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Constrain Stretch

Post by matthew.Stanfield » Mon May 17, 2010 5:38 pm

I am wondering if i can constrain the stretch command parallel or perpendicular to a particular object. I have tried the standard procedure for constraining, but when i click the object i want to constrain relative to, the objects i am stretching snap to a point that is not where i clicked, nor is it in proper relation to what i am trying to constrain relative to.

Here is the steps i have been using:
1| select the stretch tool
2| select the objects i wish to stretch
3| click a point from which the stretching procedure is to begin
4| select constrain parallel or perpendicular (i have tried both the keyboard shortcuts and the tool bar button)
5| click the object to which i want the constraint to be relative (at this point the strectch operation terminates with a seemingly random placement of the objects i am stretching)

Am i doing something wrong, or does the constrain feature not work with the stretch tool?
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