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Post by thosmore » Wed Feb 16, 2005 4:41 am

This is a mish-mash of several things falling variously under the headings of rave/feedback/questions/wishlist.

First of all, you folks have done a splendid job of combining high functionality wih ease of use--like others, I'm thrilled to see an OS X CAD app. Yes, it crashes occasionally, as young apps will. But it's obvious that a great deal of thought has been given to interface issues, and NO program I've ever seen teaches itself as well. On interface issues, I rank only Apple and Intuit higher.

Enough of that. Questions and wishes:

It'd be swell if the default Save directory was the last one I saved to.

I'd like to see pocket doors and "fixed French" (one fixed, one swinging) among the door choices.

I understand (sort of) the logic that links doors, windows and walls to a single toolbar icon, but it isn't hugely compelling to an outsider, and separate toolbar icons for each would make drawing go faster.

Delete object frequently fails to refresh the workspace. Is this by design?

Objects sometimes do not preview properly.

I wish (and this may be a lack of understanding on my part) working with walls were as easy as working with lines. Can I change a line length? Can I extend/trim a wall in the way I can a line?

Majorly minor points:
The pagination on the manual appears to be out of sync with the TOC.
Although I like the overall minimalism of the application, the manual and the app itself can at times be a little terse. If I atempt to Calc Area, for example, and haven't selected borders appropriately, something more than a beep would be nice.

All in all, a good job. Never used a CAD in my life, and I nailed an elaborate floorplan in a week! Keep it up.

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