HighDesign 1.7.2fc1 Available

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HighDesign 1.7.2fc1 Available

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The first pre-release version of HighDesign 1.7.2 is available for download and testing. We addressed most of the reports, fixing internal errors, adding compression back for exported Tiff images and improving the import process of DXF files containing "Paper Space" objects.

Download HighDesign 1.7.2fc1

HighDesign 1.7.2fc1 Release Notes<ul type="disc"><li>[IMP] Exported Tiff images now are always compressed.
<li>[NEW] DXF import: added support for LEADER entities.
<li>[IMP] DXF import: improved handling of paper space objects.
<li>[NEW] DXF import: added support for VIEWPORT entities.
<li>[FIX] Symbols can be moved by their center point.
<li>[FIX] Duplicate sheets did not update the value of elevation dimensions.
<li>[FIX] Fixed several internal errors.
<li>[FIX] Nudging and the Paste command did not set the "Document Modified" status.
<li>[FIX] Fixed a bug in the Move command where objects selected with the Arrow tool box and the Shift key were moved by an extra offset.
<li>[IMP] Object Info now provides the field to change the length of the selected wall.
<li>[FIX] Change Length command now works correctly with walls.

Thank you for your help with testing the HighDesign betas.

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