HighDesign 1.7.1fc3 Now Available

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HighDesign 1.7.1fc3 Now Available

Post by Andrew »

HighDesign 1.7.1 Final Candidate 3 is now available for download and testing. Please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version and may contain bugs. Please make backup copies of your projects before working on them with this version.

Download HighDesign 1.7.1fc3

Release Notes:<ul><li>[FIX] Fixed an internal error that could occur when the app was closed.
<li>[FIX] In Mac OS 10.3.9, the Views palette caused a crash when loading the thumbnails of project views.
<li>[FIX] Text labels displayed annotations in two lines.
<li>[NEW] Added a new Copy Image item to the Edit menu. This command creates an image of the selected objects on the current background and puts it onto the clipboard.
<li>[FIX] Pushing the spacebar while renaming a view could unexpectedly close the input field.
<li>[FIX] Group members return to their original layer when ungrouped.
<li>[FIX] Explode now works correctly with walls.
<li>[FIX] DXF Import: under certain conditions, some blocks could lose one item.
<li>[NEW] DXF Import: added support for SOLID entities.
<li>[OPT] Improved the speed of snap in drawings with many groups.
<li>[FIX] Custom dashed lines would not display correctly under certain circumstances.
<li>[FIX] Adjusting the control point of a text whose font had been changed could cause the characters to display condensed.
<li>[FIX] Fixed an internal error in vObject.Scale
<li>[FIX] Hatch boundaries are audited when the project is opened from file.
<li>[CHG] Alerts about invisible layers and sheets are now displayed as overlays at the cursor location.</ul>

Thanks for your help with testing the HighDesign betas.

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