HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 4 Now Available

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HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 4 Now Available

Post by Andrew »

HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 4 is now available for download and testing.

"Final Candidate" is the development stage preceding the final, official release. As such, this may be the last chance to report any issues you noticed during the beta stage.

We would appreciate any comments and feedback on the new features. If you find any glitches or issues, please report them as soon as possible.

Important: HighDesign 1.7fc2 introduced some internal changes in groups that make the file format partially incompatible with earlier versions. Specifically, HighDesign 1.7b4 and earlier will ignore all groups in files saved in 1.7fc2 and newer.

Download HighDesign 1.7fc4

HighDesign 1.7fc4 Release Notes
<ul type="disc"><li>[IMP] Groups can be moved by clicking the central point with the Arrow tool.
<li>[IMP] The Auto-grouping option is now saved into the preferences.
<li>[FIX] Resolved some minor memory leaks.
<li>[FIX] Transfer to Sheet did not work correctly with symbols.
<li>[FIX] Groups could not be deselected with Shift-click.
<li>[FIX] Overwriting a file could sometimes cause a delay and excessive memory consumption.
<li>[FIX] Saving a file no longer leaves occasional temporary files.
<li>[OPT] Actions like select, deselect, zoom, delete, etc. and are now faster.
<li>[FIX] Create Image could crash under certain conditions.
<li>[FIX] Export to PDF could fail if a sheet had a page size that was later removed.</ul>

Thanks for your help with testing the HighDesign betas.

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