HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 3 Now Available

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HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 3 Now Available

Post by Andrew »

HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 3 is now available for download and testing.

"Final Candidate" is the development stage preceding the final, official release. As such, this may be the last chance to report any issues you noticed during the beta stage.

Projects using groups should now be fully supported again. Specifically, scaling, printing and exporting now include groups correctly. DXF gains the ability to convert blocks into groups automatically, which improves dramatically the compatibility with other Windows-based CAD programs. Snap to intersections is also much more accurate in many situations.

We would appreciate any comments and feedback on the new features. If you find any glitches or issues, please report them as soon as possible.

Important: HighDesign 1.7fc2 introduced some internal changes in groups that make the file format partially incompatible with earlier versions. Specifically, HighDesign 1.7b4 and earlier will ignore all groups in files saved in 1.7fc2 and newer.

Download HighDesign 1.7fc3

HighDesign 1.7fc3 Release Notes
<ul type="disc"><li>[FIX] Bezier curves did not draw the endpoint accurately.
<li>[FIX] Editing a line with one of the double-line methods currently selected did not terminate the action properly.
<li>[FIX] Undo Delete could sometimes cause an internal error.
<li>[FIX] Groups: Ungroup All now works again correctly (and adds undo / redo support)
<li>[FIX] Groups: Automatic grouping now functional again.
<li>[FIX] Scaling a group via the Scale/Resize dialog or by changing the drawing scale no longer causes an internal error.
<li>[IMP] Explode supports groups.
<li>[IMP] Improved the Delete Duplicates tool.
<li>[IMP] DXF Import: blocks are now automatically converted to groups.
<li>[FIX] Groups are again included in print, export and create image functions.
<li>[IMP] Borders of fills and hatches are now more accurate and faster.
<li>[IMP] Snap to intersections works better with many types of objects.
<li>[FIX] Changes to fill color and transparency of rectangles and fills can now be undone.
<li>[IMP] Angles entered as degrees and minutes are now always interpreted with the maximum precision.</ul>

Thanks for your help with testing the HighDesign betas.

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