HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 2 Now Available

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HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 2 Now Available

Post by Andrew » Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:05 pm

HighDesign 1.7 Final Candidate 2 is now available for download and testing.

"Final Candidate" is the development stage preceding the final, official release. As such, this may be the last chance to report any issues you noticed during the beta stage.

This release fixes some issues with groups introduced in fc1. If you downloaded fc1, we recommend you replace it with fc2.
Important: HighDesign 1.7fc2 introduces some internal changes in groups that make the file format partially incompatible with earlier versions. Specifically, HighDesign 1.7b4 and earlier will ignore all groups in files saved in 1.7fc2 and newer.

Download HighDesign 1.7fc2

HighDesign 1.7fc2 Release Notes:<ul type="disc"><li>[FIX] Groups in projects saved by older versions of HighDesign are now placed on their original sheet.
<li>[FIX] Projects containing groups now open at the correct zoom factor.
<li>[FIX] Fixed an internal error in "vObject::clone".
<li>[FIX] Object Info: displaying the info of a group could sometimes freeze the application.
<li>[IMP] Object Info: selected dimensions now display their label value.
<li>[IMP] Print Preview: some texts no longer get truncated with localizations different from English.</ul>

Thanks for your help with testing the HighDesign betas.

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