HighDesign 1.7 Universal Binary Now Available!

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HighDesign 1.7 Universal Binary Now Available!

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We are proud to announce the release of HighDesign 1.7 Universal Binary!

HighDesign 1.7 is now compatible with both PowerPC- and Intel®- based Macintosh® computers. This new version is up to four times faster than any previous release.

Design and edit tools have been enhanced by the addition of the Object Info inspector that simplifies numerical editing, the new Construction Lines and Measure tools, seamless symbol editing, dozens of new symbols.

For professional designers, HighDesign Professional Edition delivers significant improvements and extends the workflow with the enhancements to Project Views, which now take a snapshot of the current view and store the visibility of layers and sheets. Saved Project Views can be used as print presets in the updated Print Preview dialog.

To architects and home builders this latest release offers a completely redesigned Walls tool with automatic multiple intersections on nodes, easier editing, better hatching and new options for parametric doors and windows.

The Door / Window menu is extended with new types of doors and new features like the opaque parametric sill for windows. The settings of doors and windows can be saved as pre-defined types that are immediately available for use via a pop-up menu.

Thanks to the feedback of many designers who have switched to the Mac® platform to use HighDesign, the compatibility with other CAD software has been extended in HighDesign 1.7 both in the drawing exchange formats and in the design process.

To see what's new in HighDesign 1.7 more in detail, go to this page

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