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ILEXSOFT Releases HighDesign R5.3

Latest R5.3 version of HighDesign consolidates the Sketch tool set by enhancing symbols, images, curves, and improves the project documentation features.

PERUGIA, ITALY (March 18, 2020)--ILEXSOFT today announced the immediate availability of update 5.3 of its HighDesign drafting and architectural design software.

This update focuses on the fundamentals of drafting and project documentation. HighDesign R5.3 brings substantial improvements to the Sketch tool set and the project documentation features, consolidating the vector design capabilities and increasing the overall productivity.

HighDesign R5.3 Project Window

Symbols gained the ability to define custom insertion points, a much-requested feature that streamlines and speeds up the use of symbols in the project. With this feature, it is now easier to save a symbol with as many custom insertion points as needed, so as to allow the accurate and quick positioning of asymmetrical drawing blocks.

Also this update features redesigned Insert Image tool and image handling. Images are now treated as project resources, in order to optimize the use of system memory and make it so that any geometric transformation can be reversed at any time. It is now possible to resize images without losing their original quality, something that is critical when working at different drawing scales.

Bézier paths and spline curves provide easier construction and editing. The Bézier path adopts the click-and-drag method for defining tangents that is a defacto standard in vector drawing applications, making it easier to integrate HighDesign in workflows that include more specialized applications.

Layouts and viewports also feature improvements to usability and integration, making it easier to work with details, and align and resize viewports.

Other new features in HighDesign include:

Pricing and Availability

The HighDesign product line includes HighDesign LT, priced at 99.99 USD; HighDesign Standard, priced at 229.00 USD; and HighDesign Pro at 360.00 USD. Licenses are perpetual and include one year of maintenance which gives access to any updates released during the year of validity. When the license expires, the user can freely choose to continue using the last version installed, or renew for another year and stay constantly updated. Renewals for HighDesign LT, Standard and Pro are priced at 69.00, 115.00 and 180 USD respectively.

HighDesign R5 is available for macOS and Windows 10.

About HighDesign

HighDesign is the alternative, full-featured 2D design (CAD) software that combines advanced drafting and design tools with a modern, efficiency-oriented user interface designed to assist the user in all the phases of the creative process. HighDesign is continually developed to anticipate the actual needs of design professionals, and has grown to be a well recognized and appreciated product in the AEC community, actively used in more than 40 countries worldwide by individuals, firms and institutions.